Six Steps in Autogenic Training

Six Steps in Autogenic TrainingAutogenic training teaches us how to concentrate on physical sensations of warmth, coolness, heaviness, and relaxation in different parts of the body.  There are six steps in autogenic training, but how is autogenic training beneficial?

As an example, one study indicates autogenic training improves sleep patterns for patients with various health conditions and reduces anxiety and depression.

To get started, find a comfortable position and then focus on positive wording, as well as positive affirmations.

Close your eyes and slowly repeat those specific phrases that are intended to create calming sensations and relax different areas of the body.

There are generally 6 focus areas, or six steps in autogenic training.

  • First, feel the heaviness in your muscles
  • Next, feel the warmth in your arms, legs, and other body areas
  • Third, sense a slower and more relaxed heartbeat
  • Fourth, notice slower and more relaxed breathing
  • Then, relaxation of the abdomen
  • Lastly, allow the sensation of coolness of the forehead

This is just a brief explanation of the basics of autogenic training, more to come. Thanks for stopping by.

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